Body cleansing: Results already after a few days?

I'm going to be using the term "detoxification" here to mean the process of removing toxic and addictive drugs from the body. This includes alcohol, heroin, meth, opiates and other drugs. When I refer to "detox" it means removing the toxic by-products from the system. I don't consider detoxifying to mean "eating clean" or anything like that. Detox is more of a process of getting rid of toxins that have accumulated in the body. In a detox, we eat very healthy, fresh food and drink lots of water to help the body detox. We don't put all of our energy into detoxing. We just eat a few healthy meals and have a few glass of water. The detox is not a way to have a clean or "natural" diet. Most detoxes have a lot of fat, sugar, refined carbs and some very unhealthy foods. Some detoxes are meant to be very clean and "natural," but a lot of people are not eating enough to detox completely, or they are trying to detox from a drug and alcohol habit. It can take weeks or even months of detoxing to truly cleanse a body and brain. When detoxing from drugs, alcohol or food, you can have a very short period of time and still be severely detoxed.

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